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Event idea in China

event idea in china

Cooking Class

Chinese cuisine includes "Eight Culinary Cuisines" originating from the different regions of China.

The history of Chinese cuisine in China goes back to thousands of years and has changed from period to period and in each region according to the local climate, and people’s preferences.

This cooking class provides our guests the opportunity to learn about Chinese food culture, cooking techniques and regional cuisine. Uncover the ancient secrets of Chinese cuisine during a 3-hour cooking class in Beijing.

This is a fun, social, food focused, relaxing culinary event for everyone to enjoy.

Here’s what it is like:
15 minutes - Introduction to the event details on how it works. The group is divided into teams of two - predetermined. 

15 minutes - Short challenge for the group. Based on how many points, the team with most points get the first pick for the dishes. 

1 hour - Cook food (based on clear instructions with recipe cards).

15 min - 1 minute each team to present their dish and explain WHY their dish is the best.

1 hour - To eat and enjoy.

15 mins - To vote who has the best dish.